JMD Handy Baby Update to v9.0.0(client 4.1.8) & Free Download

Recently,JMD Handy Baby released their newest software v9.0.0.Here UOBDII.COM share the information about the newest software detail.

Handy Baby v9.0.0 update:


1.Show Epica(4D60) master key match code after identification.

2.Increase unlock toyota smart key function.

3.Increase copy Honda 47 by king chipII.

4.Increase generate blank 47(just support king chipII)

5.Increase read/write hitag AES/PRO.

6.Distinguish 8A master key,support write or lock P4/P5/P6/P8/P10.

7.Increase unlock hitag vag(just support 754C and 754J of handy baby)

8Decode 48 chip online, except MQB system.

JMD Handy Baby Assistant All Key Lost Programming for VW Jetta 2016

JMD handy baby key chip copy programming update !

1st:8C copy by JMD handy baby use TK5561A chip! so easy and so quickly!

use TK5561A blank chip !!

2nd: Support all key lost VW car by assistant! (not including MQB , smart key ……)

need extra pay each time!! just use assistant online !

Handy Baby v9.0.0-3 Handy Baby v9.0.0-2

Handy Baby v9.0.0 Download:

Handy Baby v9.0.0-5 Handy Baby v9.0.0-4