JLR Mangoose V137 Installation Questions and Answers

JLR Mangoose
Q:Can JLR Mangoose program all Land Rover sport?
A:Yes for Land Rover after 2005.

JLR Mangoose adapter didn’t work?
Q: When I used 134 JLR Mangoose in the morning, its adapter worked well. But in the evening, after I changed the setting of Land Rover Freelander 2 and linked USB again, the indicator light of adapter didn’t work. It says that SDD procedure fail to connect. Does it mean the equipment broken? By the way, my computer belongs to Windows 7 x86 system.

A: Try to change the setting back. Have customers ever used the Windows 7 system to test car before, Windows 7 system cannot be used, better use Windows XP and disconnect the internet.

Install JLR Mangoose SDD unsuccessfully?
Q: I installed JLR MANGOOSE on Win xp32 unsuccessfully. As the following screenshot shows——-How to solve it?

A: 1. Is your computer xp or Windows 7 system? According to the reminder, you didn’t connect the equipment well and not install the driver.
2. Please install JLR MANGOOSE according to Our video or manual. Install the patch and driver appropriately. Then open the device manager and send me the screenshots of the driver.

JLR Mangoose Cable green light become red light and doesn’t work
Q: After I used JLR Mangoose for three days, the green light changed into red and it didn’t work. Is this equipment broken?
A: Open the device manager to see if the driver is normal. If yes, open JLR Mangoose to see if JLR Mangoose can identify the device. If not, try to reinstall JLR Mangoose.