Dodge Programming Key with KP819 Key Pro

We will add a new key to a Dodge 2011, it needs the old key and at the same a new key.

First, connect KP819 key prorammer with the OBD cable and connect with the car OBD.

Secondly,  press  “Enter”  button, select  “Vehicle”, choose  “Dodge”, choose  “Type 2” and it will display  “Linking, please wait ”- “ Link False, please Exit ”.


Thirdly, make the new key.

Step-by-step instruction:

car key insert into the ignition switch

Choose Read PINCODE, display “Loading, please wait……” and the Pin code is read out, the pin code is 4 digits, like 7177.

Choose “Add New Key” and it prompts insert key Switch Ignition On, press Enter button and you will hear Dang Dang Dang for 3 times from the car, then input the pin code that is already read out just now, when the car remind you with Dang means the key is programmed, so we can exit and start the key, try to start the car, after confirm the key can start the car, it match new key finish.


Also KP819 key programmer can be used for Ford Mazda, Jaguar, Land Rover and Chrysler. As for the specific car models KP819 key pro can work with, you can refer the user manual or the seller description, such as UOBDII.COM site.