JLR Mangoose SDD cable can test DDM module?

Today I installed SDD v135 and here it showed a blue bar ( only visible is you clicked beside manual or automatic ).
After selecting automatic it started to upload but coudn’t connect to DDM
JLR-SDD-v143 (1)

Nearly all of the previous DTC codes are still erased except these :
JLR-SDD-v143 (4)

So i’m puzzled that whether there is a way to test the DDM module with a tester… because everything seems to be working normal ( windows, door locks,interior light…)


After installing a replacement DDM module I still couldn’t connect to the module.
Although the cables and connectors look fine I noticed 2 cables who were bent.
I straightened them and reconnected the original DDM module.
Finally this came back on line together with several other modules who had a red marker in SDD before.
I managed to add a second remote control, adding a second transponder failed.


Suspect that this transponder died before I bought the car since I never was able to start the car with this one.

I didn’t know whethere i can replace the transponder from the key or I have to buy an uncut key with transponder.

JLR-SDD-v143 (3) JLR-SDD-v143 (2)

Then post all my puzzles at a jaguarforum. And experienced user (called Cambo351) said that


“Well this is a result. So you are back to having one working key and the car is driveable?

You will have to repair those wires, they will be broken inside the insulation, straightening them back out has re-made the connection, but it’s not a good one.

As far as I know the transponder is just an RFID chip, which draws power via Electro-motive Force (i.e. through the air) when it’s in close proximity to the transceiver have a look at this article here

It may be an old wives tale, but the bloke who sold me my old X-Type (a little independant garage) seemed to think that if one of these key’s had not been used for a while, you needed to leave it in the ignition to “charge up” might be total BS, but given that the chip is basically RFID, I can imagine that there might be a tiny capacitor in there that needs recharging…

Failing that, you could just pull the chip out of another key & reprogram it…”



Finally, everything solved !

Couldn’t start the car cause I only had 1 working key.
The JLR SDD program required 2 working keys to complete the programming successfully.
So I borrowed somebody else his key and held it against the ignition switch during programming so this code is installed.

Have my car back running with 2 remotes.
Ordered a transponder chip at obd2express.co.uk, so when this arrives I can program the second key via my China Mangoose cable (SKP900 or JLR VCM2 also should be ok).

Big thanks to everybody for their input.