J2534 Pass-Thru tool Buying Advice: less than 1000USD

There are more than 9 J2534 Pass-Thru tools less than 1000USD for your choice.


  1. Clone GM MDI

here’s you go.  I use it with ODIS, Techstream, FORscan, Tis2000, GlobalTIS/GDS2/Tech2Win(obviously) and PCMFlash off the top of my head.
It doesn’t work with Subaru SSM3.  At least it didn’t when I tried years ago, but it might work with SSM4 for newer Subies.




  1. JLR Mongoose Proworks well with this software, the data transfer rate is excellent, the cost of the clone is very low.



  1. JDiag Elite II Pro has a few car they support by color.
    E.g green color is for BMW
    Red is for Nissan
    Yellow is for Porsche and many more.



  1. I have successfully used scanmatik 2 pro with all the genuine software
    Xentry PassThru (! works great !),
    ODIS ,
    Consult3+ (no data flow) ,
    Toyota TechStream (! works great !),
    GDS2 ( can’t read the steering column ).

scanamtik 2 PRO best interface in good price

Scanmatik2_PRO_info-04 Scanmatik2_PRO_info-05


  1. Bosh kts 520 J2534 1 passthru possible
    Cost £600 approx


  1. Bosch kts 570  J2534 1 passthru possible
    Cost £900 approx
  2. Actia XS 2G J2534 1 and 2 passthru

    Cost £1500 approx

  3. Actia XS J2534 1 and 2 Pass-Thru (clone)

    Cost £150-£250



9. Jdiag universal elite ii pro J2534 1 and 2 passthru

Cost £500 approx

Some member posted somewhere that is quite limited. An answer to its true capabilities would be really great.