How Xtuner E3 reset Honda Accord Throttle Position Sensor?

Do you know you can reset Honda Accord Throttle Position Sensor TPS by using XTUNER E3 WIN10 WIFI OBD2 Diagnostic Tool? How?

Steps as below:

Step 1: plug XTUNER E3 scanner into Honda Accord OBD2 port, connect it with the car via WIFI.

After success, you can see the red indicator on.

Open XTUNER E3 software on WIN10 tablet. (It supports WIN XP, WIN7, WIN8 and WIN10)

Step 2: Go to ESS section, click “Expert Service System” on main menu.


Choose “HONDA PRO” to open XTUNER Honda Pro V13. (It support Honda vehicles till 2014)


Step 3: Select car region, in this case, select “General” then “Diagnose”.


Select car model “Accord” and “PGM FI”.

xtuner-e3-reset-honda-accord-tps-throttle-position-sensor-4 xtuner-e3-reset-honda-accord-tps-throttle-position-sensor-5

Step 4: Choose “TP Position Reset” function

This function will check if the TP learning value is within limits. If the value is beyond limits, you can reset TPS and clean the throttle body.


Click “OK” to continue.

xtuner-e3-reset-honda-accord-tps-throttle-position-sensor-7 xtuner-e3-reset-honda-accord-tps-throttle-position-sensor-8

Wait a while and you will see tips show as below: TP learning value has been cleared.


Now you successfully use XTUNER E3 to reset Honda Accord Throttle Position Sensor!

xtuner-e3-wifi-obd2-diagnostic-tool-10 xtuner-e3-wifi-obd2-diagnostic-tool-11