How V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine cut Peugeot HU83 without original key?

Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine can be used when all key lost and without original key. This is operation guide for V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine cut Peugeot HU83 without original key.


Step1. Start V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine, screen will show “AUTOMOBILE KEY CUTTING SYSTEM”. Press “TOOL CHANGE” button then it will go to “Cutter Sense”, press “Enter” button.

8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-2 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-3

Step2. Choose “HU83-L, H7” and press “Key Search” button. Choose “SILCA” then press “Enter” button.

V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-5 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-6

Step3. Choose “PEUGEOT” from car list and press “Enter” button. Choose “HU83, H7” then “Enter” button. V8/X6 key cutting machine will show “HU83, H7 is selected”, just press “Enter” button to go on.

V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-7 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-8 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-9

Step4. Choose “Cut” and press “Enter” button. Input key code and press “Enter”.



Step5. Then it will show you the right position to put the key blade, just align the blade as picture shows, then tighten the clamp and press “Enter” button.

V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-12 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-13 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-14

Step6. Press “4” button to choose “Thick”, press “Enter” button. Now the machine will start key cutting, wait a minute. Finally Automatic V8/X6 Key Cutter  successfully cut a new Peugeot HU83 key without original key.


V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-16 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-17 V8-X6-key-cutting-machine-cut-peugeot-HU83-18

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