Read VAG Audi A3 EDC17C46 ECU with KTAG Master perfectly

Here is a tutorial for using KTAG Master ECU Programming Tool to read VAG Audi A3 ECU EDC17C46 on bench. Steps are as follows:

Step1. Open Audi A3 ECU EDC17C46 unit: first heat the edge to soften glue inside then open it carefully not to damage the circuit board.

KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-2 KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-3

Step2. Open K-TAG ECU Programmer software. Connect the cable 14P600KT02 to ECU connector according to following pin out diagram:

KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-4 KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-5

Step3. Take a wire, cut the wire cover at the middle. Solder its two ends to the two pins (red) as follow:

KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-6 KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-7 KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-8

Step4. Back to K-TAG software, choose plug-in “P199” and click “OK”.


Click “Read” and wait it 100% complete. And then save the bin file.

Now KTAG Master read VAG Audi A3 ECU EDC17C46 successfully!

KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-10 KTAG-ECU-Programming-Tool-read-VAG-Audi-EDC17C46-11