How to Use Xhorse Toyota Mini OBD Tool

Xhorse Toyota Mini OBD Tool is newly released by Xhorse. It’s a professional tool for over 95% of Toyota remote and IMMO programming (add smart key and all keys lost). Working with Xhorse APP on Android/IOS smartphones or Xhorse Key Tool Max via Bluetooth, it’s very easy and fast to use.

Xhorse Toyota Mini OBD Tool has USB port, OBD port, Bluetooth connection status indicator, data transceiver indicator and power indicator. The indicator lights will light on when used normally.

How to use Xhorse Toyota Mini OBD Tool?

Step 1. For Android/IOS smartphones, download and install Xhorse APP by scanning the following Wechat QR code or searching “Xhorse” APP from Google Play/Apple APP Store.

For VVDI Key Tool Max, it comes with Xhorse software, no need to download the software again.

FT-OBD TOOL newest version info:

  • Database language: English
  • APP: V4.0.0
  • Firmware: V1.0.2
  • Database: V2

Step 2. Plug Xhorse Toyota Mini OBD into the vehicle’s OBD port

Step 3. Connect Toyota Mini OBD Tool and Xhorse APP on smartphones or Key Tool Max via Bluetooth

For Android/IOS smartphones, need to turn on Bluetooth on your phone

Open Xhorse APP, and switch to FT-OBD TOOL interface

Tap “Select”, turn on the “Automatic connect”, and the available device will be connected via Bluetooth automatically

Step 4. Perform the functions supported

1. IMMO & Remote Programming

There are five types to do Toyota key matching. Select the corresponding type to program remote and IMMO.

  • Select from model
  • Immo system
  • Remote system
  • Smart key system before 2016
  • Smart key system after 2016

2.Generate emergency key

For [Smart key system before 2016], [Smart key system after 2016], and [Generate emergency key] functions,

it needs the key tool max or Mini Key Tool to back up EEPROM data and generate the emergency key.

Method 1: Use VVDI Key Tool Max to work with Xhorse MINI OBD Tool FT-OBD directly

Method 2: Use VVDI Mini Key Tool to work with Xhorse APP on Android/IOS smartphones and Toyota Mini OBD Tool

3. Self-query password

You can query the vehicle password by yourself.

4. Help

You can check the related Toyota Immobilizer info.

5. More functions

You can open the device log, and do device self-test, etc.


Both Key Tool Plus and Key Tool Max Pro cover the functions of Xhorse Toyota FT-OBD Tool. If you have any of them, there is no need to buy a Toyota Mini OBD Tool.