How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Check Pincode Function

Partial manufacturers don’t support free pincode key programming currently, for the convenience of locksmiths, OBDSTAR developed checking pincode function.

Remarks: Using OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus & X300 PRO4 Key Master one-click free key programming.

Detail Steps:

1. Connect Key Master DP Plus to a car; enter intoCAR IMMO

2. Click [PINCODE];

3. Click the newest PINCODE edition;


5. Click [Enter];

6. Read note, click [Enter];

7. Checking pincode requires 8 credits each time, clickOK;

8. Input 20 digits ID code reading out by the device from other manufacturer; click [Enter]; Remarks:20 digits ID code(actual 22 digits, but only input the first 20 digits).

9. Confirm 20 digits ID code, click [Enter];

10. Check successfully, 8 creditsdeducted, click [OK];

11. Rolling code has been read out successfully.

Note: Please strictly follow your device tips in your operation process.