How to use KwikDecoder HU66 to unlock and read key code (Videos)

KwikDecoder new Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder can pick a lock and read the key code in 10 Seconds, VW Passat 2007 in 2 minutes for example. KwikDecoder Hu66 is known as “easy-to-use” tool. This post comes with feedback, videos, images and step-by-step procedure.


Kwik Decoder HU66 Lock Pick 2-in1 Feedback:
Feedback 1:
simpler to use. I have received today. Have tested in a golf V and works good.

Feedback 2:
I have used a lot the turbodecoders before and for me is easy to use this Kwik Decoder HU66 tool.

Feedback 3:
Audi A4(B6) 2004- ok
Passat B7 2012 – ok

Feedback 4:
I tried in a 2015 vw Jetta didn’t work, 2012 vw passat it works and successfully read and make a key akl.

Feedback 5:
For Ford tibbe souber tibbe keys, never failed me door or ignition best investment.

New Type HU66 Lock Pick Open VW Passat 2007 Lock in 2 minutes:

Purpose: Open the door on the car quickly

Car model and year: VW Passat 2007

Take 2 minutes

Result: success with joy.


New Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder User Guide (Dialect Instruction)–UOBD2

How to Use New Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder (Chinese Instruction)–UOBD2


A simple operation guide in words and images: 

Open the cover, and you will the data slice which can be moved. But it has to be back to No.1 position.

use-new-type-hu66-lock-pick-and-decoder-02 use-new-type-hu66-lock-pick-and-decoder-03



Put the guiding slice to the front.



Insert HU66 into the lock cylinder.



Put the guiding slice to the back using the automatic set.

Turn left and turn right.

The door is open, close the door and turn HU66 to the right.


Read the key code: which is used to enter the key cutting machine to cut new key.



Again, put the guiding slice to the front and insert to lock cylinder, open the door and close the door.


New Type HU66 Lock Pick and Decoder is available at: