How to use MINI VCI Techstream Program Camry Hybrid Key ?

This personal operation reports is written for those people who are about or have been investing in key programmers for Toyota. It will guide you on how to program Camry Hybrid Key with Toyota TIS Techstream.


Tools I used are all here:


  1. MINI VCI CABLE (I got it only $17.99 with free shipping at
  2. Laptop (O.S: windows XP)
  3. Two keys

 And you can download the newest Toyota TIS Techstream Here:

Newest Toyota TIS Techstream Software Free Download


First of all I install the Techstream software that comes with the CD.

Second connect my Camry (OBD2 port) with my laptop via this cable 16 pin connector

mini-vci-for-toyota-tis-techstream-2 mini-vci-for-toyota-tis-techstream-3


Then I open Techstream and turn ignition on

Next I click [Connect to vehicle] button


And choose car information, I choose 2014 for my 2016 Camry Hybird


Well, now I can see the [System Selection Menu], I choose [Body Electrical] and choose [Smart Key]


Then I click [Utility] button and choose [Smart Code Registration]


These are something should be noticed when begin programming smart key


I choose all options and click [Next] to continue

Techstream shows me the number of new codes available and number of registered key codes

Then click [next]


And it reminds me to separate the original key with the registered key and place a registered key 30cm or more from the vehicle.


Next, I press [Pre-Start CHK] button to review registration process and press [Start] to begin key code registration


Then I put the new key touch Engine SW in 30 seconds. After that I take the registered key away from my car for a while.


Done! It shows me that key code registration is complete


Finally, move away the cable and Exit the program.

Video guide:

The whole process is rather simple, only need several minutes, and the total cost is much lower than the same job you will be charged for $300 in a garage. As I know, this Toyota TIS Techstream VCI cable can perform other functions like read and clear DTCs, SRS, immobilizer, it is awesome!  I highly recommend this cable to Toyota owners!