How to use Maserati MDVCI diagnosis programming coding tool?

What is MDVCI?

MDVCI = Maserati Diagnosi Vehicle Communication Interface

MDVCI of Maserati Diagnostics System is an electronic device for the diagnostics of electronic control units(ECU) installed in modern vehicles.


What are packed?

1pc x MDVCI Host

2pc x OBDII Cable

1pc x USB Cable

1pc x The power supply

1pc x second-hand PANASONIC CF19 (Installed with Maserati Diagnosi software, ready to use)

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The New Maserati diagnostic tester system is a Panasonic CF laptop device. It is also equipped with:

Standard RS232C serial lines x 3

Standard ISO9141 / CARB / KEYWORD 2000 serial lines x 6

Standard CAN serial lines x 2

Multimeter in volts (up to 200 V d.c.) and Ohm (up to 1 Mohm)


How does Maserati diagnostic tester communicate with one PC?

Maserati Diagnosi Tester can be communicated to a PC loading the software required to upgrade the ECU diagnostics software through hone of the following lines:

Standard RS232C serial line

USB serial line

Ethernet 10/100Mbit network

Ethernet Wireless 802.11b network


If you use the USB line or an Ethernet/Wireless network for communications, you will have better efficiency and faster data transfer between the PC and the DEIS unit.


How to use Maserati Diagnosis?

  1. Boot PANASONIC CF19.


  1. Select language (Italian,Spanish,French, English, German)

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  1. Select Model and year

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Maserati MDVCI car list:

Cover SD2 / SD3 Until 2016
3200 GT (3200 GT)
Ghibli (M157)
Gransport (Gransport)
GranTurismo (M145)
GT (M138)
Quattroporte (M139)
Quattroporte (M156)
Quattroporte MY (M139 MY)


Generally speaking, it covers Maserati from 1995 year (Ghibli and Quattroporte) 3200GT, 4200 from MY2002-MY2006, Qauttroporte and gran tourismo from 2004 till 2016.


4.Maserati MDVCI Functions:

Maserati Detector can match second-hand CF19 computer for programming, diagnosis with maintenance data.


All system diagnostic

Accessible systems: Engine, EPB, SRS, Odometer etc.

Read trouble codes: confirmed

Clear trouble codes: confirmed

Display live data stream: confirmed

Trans adaption : confirmed


Software covered:

MDVCI-Diagnosis software

Spare part catalogue

Wiring diagram

Service menu / Work hour menu

Module location menu

Diagnosis/Guide Function

Live data / Coding

Active/Special function

Programming ( Immobilizer system need ON-Line Access account )

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