How to use Julie Emulator in Bosch ME7.4.5 ECU IMMO OFF

Today I’ll show you how to use Julie Emulatorto do IMMO OFF in Bosch ME7.4.5 ECU installed in 2007 Peugeot 307 with 1.6 gasoline engine and 109 horsepower.


Let’s find out if the car is starting up correctly.



Now I’m going to simulated a damaged key. I’ll block the mode transponder signal.

As you can see, the start is working but the engine doesn’t start up.



Let’s take out the ECU, it’s located by the battery.



Connect the ECU on the table to check if the emulator is working correctly.


Following the pinout.


Now carefully open the ECU box.


This ECU is equipped with a 95 328 form memory.



Mark the location of the 1st memory LEG, you have to unsolder it and read its counter.



Clean the soldering pads from the remainders.



Using an adapter to read the program with a programmer. Pay attention to the location of the 1st memory leg.

julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-10 julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-11 julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-11


Using the programmer to change the following values in memory content.



Solder the memory back in the ECU.

julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-14 julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-14


Solder the jump from 1-2-3-4-5-6 on Julie IMMO Emulator, using a soldering iron and tan.



Connect the wires, power, ground, CAN-H, CAN-L.

julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-17 julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-18 julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-19 julie-emulator-immo-off-bosch-me7-4-5-ecu-20


And connect the Emulator.



Connect the ECU back into the car, connect it on the table, and turn the ignition on.



The Blue LED means the emulator has successfully correct self-adjustment.



A notice that the key is still wrapped, the car starts and works correctly.





Thanks to Julie Universal Car Emulator for it’s great work.