How to use Hextag to renew BMW F series HUF PCF7953 keys without opening?

BMW 434MHZ huf 5767 -434 reset works 100% with Microtronik Hextag, We bought hextag only for huf 434.

I want to share my pinout for renewing keys without having to open them.
Everyone knows how much work it costs and how bad the opened and glued keys look …

Scheme is for connecting the F series keys with HUF PCF7953 from the group:
434 HUF5663
434 HUF5767
868 HUF5661
315 HUF5662
315 HUF56XX

How to use Hextag to renew BMW F series HUF PCF7953 keys without opening:
We need to solder 2 needles permanently to the yellow and white wires. It is important that the needles are very close together and isolated.
Remove the battery from the key.
Power (red) and ground (black) can be soldered to make it easier for us.
Put the needles at an angle of about 45 degrees and press firmly.
Click reset and it’s done 🙂


Power supply: