How to use DIY Benz Seat Occupancy Sensor Emulator

I have the dread light on my 2005 Mercedes-Benz E-Class E320 RWD CDI 4dr Sedan (3.2L 6cyl turbo diesel 5A). I had the fault diagnosed by MB SD Connect Compact 4 and located the fault at the occupy sensor in the passenger seat. I took t to the dealer ship but was charged $1000 to get the problem solved. That’s too pricey. Thus I found myself a Benz seat occupancy sensor emulator at
I have to mention that there are lots of occupancy sensor emulators on the aftermarket. Prices are varying from dealer to dealer. But have to check whether it can do your car or not because I learned myself from Benz forum that some one get the wrong emulator but cannot work. My emulator fits older Benz models (appx 1997-2005) and takes $30 (actually $30).
The emulator was easy to install. But different Benz model may install slightly different.
First of all, Move passenger seat all the way forward and tilt backrest to access to underside of seat assy
Then connect the emulator. Thanks Eobd2 engineer who display clearly what vehicle model can it cover and how to connect emulator for different models. I would like to quote their hard work as a part of reference.
Mercedes Benz SRS A
– E-class W211 (2002-2004 year) with controller airbag Temic,
– S-class W220 (2003-2005 year)
With installed child restraint
Sold the A terminals together for Mercedes Benz SRS A, as shown in the picture

Mercedes BENZ SRS B
– E-class with indicator Airbag Off,
– W210 (2000-2003 year),
– Vito W639 (2002-2005 year),
– ML W163 as of 2000 year,
– A-class W168 (2002-2005 year)
– S-class W220 (2000-2003 year),
– C-class W203 to 2005 year,
– CLK W209,
– Vaneo
With installed child restraint
Sold the B terminals together for Mercedes Benz SRS B, as shown in the picture


Mercedes BENZ SRS C
– A-class W168 (1997-2001 year)
– C-class W202 (1999-2001 year),
– Vito W638 to 2003 year,
– ML with controller airbag TRW 1999 year,
– E W210 to 1999 year ,
– E-class before lifting with indicator Airbag Off
Sold the C terminals together for Mercedes Benz SRS C, as shown in the picture
SEAT-3 c
After that, plug the emulator under the passenger seat instead of seat occupancy sensor.
Finally, turn car key to position 2. The SRS light should come on then go out
The job’s done!!!