How to use BMW Muti Tool v7.7 to change km for CAS system

BMW Muti Tool v7.7 OBDII programmer support reading and changing KM stored in CAS system, but it doesn’t support to change KM in the instrument. Here you will be guided to correct odometer in the instrument.

Before km change, please follow the connection diagram to connect the BMW multi tool an other devices in a correct way.


To change the KM display in instrument, you should change KM in CAS system first.


Then modify the KM in instrument manually.


Read KM :

bmw-multi-tool-change-km (2)


When you try to write KM to CAS system, you will get the following tips: Press OK to continue.

bmw-multi-tool-change-km (2)


Write KM to CAS system

bmw-multi-tool-change-km (3)

BMW CAS system mileage adjustment success.