How to install SUBARU FreeSSM V1.2.5 diagnostic cable

This is the instruction on how to install / make the SUBARU FreeSSM V1.2.5 software and OBDII adapter work.

Operating system:

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7



English, German

Steps to make the software and adapter work
Step 1 – Plug in your SUBARU OBDII cable, let your computer find the drivers automatically.
If not the cables usually come with a CD with the drivers, use this.
If not do some searching on the internet.
It really depends on which cable you get.
Ps. The OBDII cable from uobd2 required no setup, plugged in, found, done. Works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 OS.

Step 2 – Install the software
On the main screen go to Preferences
On the drop down: Serial Port
Select which COM port your adapter is on
If you have no idea with I am talking about:
On your keyboard hold the windows button and push Pause/Break
Click Device Manager
Select Ports (COM & LPT)
Your adapter should be listed here
Right click the adapter, select Properties
Under Port Settings, Advanced you can see which port it is on, you can change this to another # if you want.
This path may be different depending on which OS you use.

Step 3 – Plug into the OBD II connector with the key on and “Test Diagnostic Interface” under Preferences.
If it all checks out you are good to go.

Here are some screenshots of FreeSSM V1.25 software.

Click on either Engine or Transmission


ECU Capabilities

Here in the Measuring blocks you can click the + sign and select what parameters you want to view real time data from.
Select as many parameters as you want.


Functional Tests, you have to connect the green connector under the dash for this to work.

TCU Capabilities

Measuring Blocks

If you look closely there is 1 parameter that have been changed.