How to update CK-200 CK200 auto key programmer to V38.05


CK200 auto key programmer, the update version of CK-100 is newly updated to V38.05. No Token Limitation. Here is the quick update instruction guide.

Latest Software version: V38.05


Upgrade procedure:

  1. Free download CK200 key programmer upgrade tool and video!W8MBCYJJ!6B1vcHavQNQiJwR01sDoM0AZraqT4ffjdO0sL8VUeZk

  1. Open and install CK200setup.exe on desktop

Agree license agreement

Confirm user name and password

Click Next

Click Next

CK200Upgrade Tool installation completed, click Finish

  1. Open CK200Upgrade tool on desktop

Click Ok to ignore Run-time error “339”

Right click CK200Upgrade, select “Run as administrator”

This will create CK200 ONLINE UPGRADE 1.1 windows, click “DRIVE

  1. Connect CK200

Insert the 12V power adapter into the square hole of CK200 key programmer at this time. Connect another end with computer via USB port, the system will display “Found new hardware” (Win XP) or “Installing device driver software” (Win 7) prompt

System will automatically install driver USB Serial Port (COM4)

Driver is installed, click “Close”

Click Computer>>Manager>>Device Manager>>Ports (COM&LPT)>>USB Serial Port (COM4) to check communication

Click on “LOAD” button

Open “20150305-38.05-10080.bin” file on desktop

Click “RENEW” button

Select “Keep the current color scheme, but ask me again if my computer continues to perform slowly”

Click “Yes”

CK-200 update procedure is complete. Ready to use the device.