How to Sovle SVCI V2020 Not Start

How to Sovle SVCI V2020 Not Start?

Souluton: Open your computer Device Manger, Choose Universal Serial Bus controllers – Generic USB Hub.

Choose USB Serial Convertor A

Update Driver

Choose browse my computer for my drivers —  C:Program File(X86)/VVDI2/VVDI2/USB Driver/i386, Click Next

Then Choose USB Serial Converter A Version:[10/04/2012],Click Next to install the drivers.

After Installing, Repeat the same process update driver for USB Serial Converter B, USB Series Port (COM9)/(COM10).

After the USB Driver Updating, then Open the Abrites Quick Start, Choose “SVDI” Icon.

Then Choose Firmware 2 Version:8.0, Click Update Firmware , Then Click Star, Download and Update Firmware 1 and Firmware 2.

After Updating Firmware, the connecting to device is OK.

Video Guide: