How to Solve VVDI MB can’t read ESL /ELV Data Error engineer offers the 100% working solution to Xhorse VVDI MB can’t read Read ESL /ELV data when using together with ESL /ELV emulator. That is you don’t need to return back the emulator.


Firstly, please download XHORSE ESL file!sIYxjQSL!mKUNAQ6mSVR6xseZIncXf-Jx1ofgl69t2i1W1TpsQ18

No password.



Connect ESL /ELV emulator to the VVDI MB and one computer.


Click on “Read ESL data”.


And EIS can’t read successfully.


Click on “Load EIS data” to load ” XHORSE ESL file” downloaded above.


Click on “Write” until 100%.


Again, click on “Read EIS data” until 100%.

And do like the following image (hold on for 10 seconds)


Read EIS data successfully.


Big thanks to engineer for this easy solution.