How to solve Techstream Diagnostic Codes C1241 & C1249

I get ABS light come up sometime. I would say maybe 2 times a month. Seems to randomly come up. I can’t think of any specific action I did to cause them. If I restart the car, the ABS light goes away.

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So one day I was driving with my mangoose Techstream stuff. The light came on again. I pulled over and ran a scan. Then I got the two codes: C1241, C1249



This is what I found on Toyota forum, they said that for the Toyota specific codes, the best code reader is the TechStream tool.

C1241:  When there is an abnormality in the power supply circuit of the brake actuator (skid control ECU), the skid control ECU sets a DTC and the operation is prohibited by the fail-safe function.

This DTC is set when the voltage supplied to terminal IG1 is outside the DTC detection threshold, due to abnormalities in the battery, power source circuits or charging circuits such as the alternator circuit. The fail-safe function is canceled when the voltage to terminal IG1 returns to normal.


C1249: The skid control ECU detects the brake operating conditions through a signal transmitted by the stop light switch. The skid control ECU incorporates an open circuit detection circuit.

This DTC is set under either of the following conditions:

• An open is detected in the stop light signal input line when the stop light switch is off.
• An open is detected in the stop light circuit lead to the ground when the stop light switch is off.