How to solve KESS V2 Wake up error?

If you get “Wake up error” when running Kess v2, if may caused by 3 possible reason:

1.The car model is not supposed to be supported;

2. For some operation system, it requires patch, if you directly use Ksuite 2.47 you will get wake up error.

3. TF card is not in good contact with the computer.


Reason 1: the car model is not supposed to be supported

Solution: Try another version.

Free download:

Ksuite 2.37!wHhXUT6L!Mr1AFoJEzij-OJW8ubrBVWkp6tQgfrsFGkY3L_pZip4

Ksuite 2.33:!UTJTRAAb!tbyaYhucGYrySsKQghXcjHYu-qcw0qbr15D36uCS3bo


Reason 2: The user didn’t install patch for some operation system.

Solution: follow this video to install KESS V2 Ksuite 2 47 on win7.


Ksuite 2 47 Installation in words and images:

Kess V2 V5.017 User Manual with K-Suit V2.47 Installation Tips

Works on XP, WIN7, WIN8, etc.


Reason 3: TF card is not in good contact with the computer.

Solution: try a new one TF card or a another computer.


Possible reasons and solutions:

Possible reasons:

Kess v2 ecu chip tuning tool fails to read out TF card program or the program in the TF card is not working.

There are 2 reasons result in Kess v2 fails to read out TF card program.

1) The four pins of chip are not firmly soldered on the main board.

2) The chip is disconnected to the main board for a long time use.



Solder again the chip; make sure it is tightly connected to the main board.  If it is not the chip problem, do the following jobs.

Use brush to clean up the shrapnel on the card slot.

Maybe the card slot shrapnel is not flexible enough; use something like a needle to lift it up, to make sure the shrapnel and the TF card is well connected.

Remove the TF card and clean up it, then insert back to the card slot. If it is still not working, format the card and copy the software back to the card.

kess v2 ecu chip tuning tool 05

Finally, reflash the CPU program, after finish reflashing, copy and paste the software to the TF card again.

Free download kess v2 firmware tuning kit

Now, KESS V2 chip tuning wake up error is solved

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