How to rework Carprog Chinese Clone as original one?

Carprog Chinese clone actually can do many things, almost as original, if it is reworked well such as read security codes or read flash


Here a Carprog clone, it cannot read security codes or read flash. It does the procedure but the output is all bad. Either no output or repeated characters.carprog-clone-pcb-01 carprog-clone-pcb-02


many members with Carprog clone can say it will work have to tweak it ,and read the manuals really only for mcu usage. I have retooled and remade many of my own adapters , also changed bridges , caps , oclis crystal etc on mainboard also flashed to 4.74 firm . all the N/a are gone and eprom and mcu reading is great no faults. also fixed ground plane and insulated board from aluminum case with k tape. its working fine now but has a nice coat of dust on it.


To rework Carprog PCB, here is what you can try:

Check A1. You may need to improve the work can.

Carprog 001a-03


First and most important of all is to change 74HC125D to 74HCT125M on your carparog, i have good clone (good pcb) but still did not read some I2C,95 ,MCU. I bought 74HCT125M at farnell change all 4 of them and it is ok now. reading without problems.

carprog-rework-04 carprog-rework-05



Carprog well reworked can read Opel ECUs fine

Actually is not need to use relay as showed in codecard manuals

tested on edc16c9


As we all known, it needs skills to rework carprog, perhaps you could buy a HQ Carprog programmer at the best price (Forget the cheapest!!! you will get what you pay for, especially for China clones)

carprog-8.21-china-clone-pcb-06 carprog-8.21-china-clone-pcb-07




Good luck!