How to repair your vehicle Dent?

How to repair your vehicle Dent? It’s not hard work for small dent. What your need is a full set of Dent Lifter Tools. With the help of  Slide Hammer Puller, you can easy to repair the vehicle dent.

Here is the video to show you how to use dent lifter tool:

Details Steps:

1.Confirm dent by line board

2.Glue Gun Heat glue stick

3.Clean the dent with clean rag

4.Adhibit Puller tab on the dent

5.2-in-1 upgarde slide hammer

6.Dent lifter for small dents


8.Spray the alcohol on the residualgule and then clean it up withthe scraper.

9.Repair completed

Dent LifterTool Introduction:

81PCS PDR Dent Lifter Tools Kit Paintless Hail Repair Slide Hammer Puller Tab