How to renew / clone Sprinter 2014 EIS with CG MB / VVDI MB?


Have a suspect bad EIS of Sprinter 2014 and a used one to try can data just be copied from one to other with likes of VVDI MB tool?


Using CG MB or Xhorse VVDI MB tool.

Renew eis, amd write immo data, using Ir dongle.

Even with different size Flash

You can always make a backup with prog, offcourse.

Taking the hole lock apart. you could do that. A good heated solder sucker, works well.

If you check on websites, like cardamp, you could check the expected flash size.

And differences, in processor and mask ect.

R270 will recognize mask. Not sure, it will always get the flash size correct.

Part 1: Xhorse VVDI MB renew Sprinter 2014 EIS

With VVDI MB, copy eeprom data from one to another same part number. But to be sure you done it right, you’d better take old EIS apart to see exact MCU type, I mean normally it’s 9s12x256 but newer might be xdt384 or xdt512 and you need to be sure of that because reading will be correct on both but if you write as wrong type, EIS will still malfunction.

Start VVDI MB Tool software, use the “Password Calculation” function to get its code.

It means that VVDI MB Tool can renew /clone EIS for the car if it was succeeded to calculate the result. Otherwise VVDI MB Tool cannot renew /clone EIS for the car if it failed to calculate.

Part 2: CG MB renew Sprinter 2014 EIS

With CGDI MB, If you can read data and key password from old one YES.

Try mb cgdi  ac fast collecting adapter on the bench under 10 minutes you will now.

If not you will need to solder wires to MCU and try to dump try using CG PRO , carprog or xprog.

Key password is the most important and if you have good dump whit keys you can also use old keys.

Renew ESL/ELV with NEC chip:

1 Follow CGDI MB software diagram to connect (W211 need gateway)

2 The OBD yellow line needs to connect the ELV plug thinnest wire

3 Read out the ELV data , Get erase password. Then erase the ELV .  Get your EIS data (with your password ) into ELV. Then use your key to activate your ELV.

4 W209 and W211, W906 can sync ELV after ELV been erased. Others ELV need to get EIS data with password first , Then write into ELV.

5 If you use your key to activate your ELV , it can work. Personalized status marked , activated not marked . You can use “Activate ELV “function to make the Activated status marked.