How to renew Benz ECU with VVDI MB & CGDI MB?

Confirmed: both VVDI MB & CGDI MB can renew Mercedes Benz ECU. This article is available with the step-by-step procedure.


Part 1: How to use CGDI MB to renew Mercedes Benz ECU SIM271KE2.0.


1.CGDI MB Prog ($559)

2.ECU cable ($59.99)



Method: on the bench via OBD


1.Open the CGMB software, click on “Auto computer”.



2.Press “Read” and wait for the info, the data will show.

Press “Get erased password”, usually it will take a few seconds, it depends on the internet connection speed, if it failed, just do it again and you will get the password successfully.



3.Press “Erase” to clear the ECU,  you will get message “successfully”.


4.Again, press “Read”, and your ECU is ready to be programmed on the car. As you can see, it’s not activated it’s not personalized any more.




That’s the whole job, few seconds on me.


Part 2: How to use VVDI MB Tool to renew Mercedes SIM271KE2.0 & SIM271DE2.0 on Bench

For Mercedes SIM271KE2.0, need:

VVDI MB ($1,100) + Mercedes Benz SIMKE2.0 ECU renew cable ($70)



For Mercedes SIM271DE2.0, need:

VVDI MB ($1,100) + Mercedes Benz SIMDE2.0 ECU renew cable ($70)





To sum up:

To renew Benz ECU, CGDI MB wins in cheaper price.