How to Read Eeprom MCU by Autel XP400 Pro on PC

Autel XP400 Pro is work with Autel Maxiim IM608,IM508 All-in-one auto key programmer.  And it also can be used alone to read Eeprom, ECU on PC. You need to download and install the PC Programer on your PC and then you can use Autel XP400 Pro/ Xp400 to read Eeprom, MCU, Engine and other.

Here is the steps:

1. Go to Autel official website:, sign into your account.

2. Go to PC Suite – PC Programmer – Download

After Install the PC Programmer, You can use the chip reading function on your PC.

If you need to do key programming function, you need to work with Autel MaxiIM Series tablet such as Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro, IM508.