How to read and write China DELPHI MTxx Engine

CG FC200 ECU Programmer is able to read and write data on China DELPHI MTxx Engine ECUs via OBD and Bench now.

Which China DELPHI MTxx Engine ECUs are supported by CG FC200?

MT20U MC912DT128

MT22U MC9S12XET256

MT20U2 MC9S12KG256

MT22.1 MC9S12XEQ512

MT22.1.1 MC9S12XET256

How to read and write China DELPHI MTxx Engine?

1.Update your FC200 to V1.2.1.0 or above

Free download here 

2.Purchase CG FC200 CHINA DELPHI MTxx Engine Read / Write Data (OBD/Platform) License

Pay for the license online. No need shipping! Provide your CG FC-200 Serial number to activate the license.

3.After activation, you can operate with CG FC200 software, and follow the on-screen prompts to perform reading and writing functions.