How to program Chevrolet Cruze Keys Via OBDSTAR X300 PRO3

Well, I thought I had a good buying experience from China.

I lost my Cruze key, at that time I was hesitated to purchase OBDATAR X300 PRO3 from China because I worry about buying a clone one, my friend said he has bought one and worked fine, so finally I decided to buy myself one.


It cost me $469, worth this price if it really worked well on my car I thought. I received the package 3 days after order, I cannot wait to use it to program my Cruze key because that related to my evaluation of it. I was surprised to find it work well, and here I will share how I use this key programmer to make Chevrolet Cruze key.


Firstly I connect X300 Pro3 with my car via OBD port

Then select vehicle brand GM

It’s initializing and authorizing

After that, select [Immo/Remote]


And select my vehicle [Chevrolet]-> [Cruze]


Then I select [Without Smart], because my car keys are all lost unfortunately.


Choose [All keys lost]


Then input the security code and press ENTER button to continue


And turn ignition off for 5 seconds and turn ignition on

Then it’s configuring the system, I wait about 10 minutes

Next switch ignition off and remove key


It will pop out the message open and close the driver door and confirm all electronic close


After doing that, turn ignition on

And the X300 PRO3 key master will prompt whether to program next key, if you want another key, press ENT button and turn ignition off -> remove the key -> insert a new key and switch ignition on-> open and close the driver door and confirm all electronic close->turn ignition on.

That’s all what I have done, I will use this tool to do more job on my friends cars, and if it works well, I will write another review here.