How to Operate F Series EGS 8HP by CGDI BMW

CGDI BMW EGS 8HP F Series Function Tutorials:

Please Note that:

1. It must to do on bench .

2. The adapter you can buy it or you can make it .It need external 12V power .

CGDI EGS & FCU Testing Cable:

3. The file save path ,CGDI software location ,userdata 》VIN

4. If you want to replace EGS , After virgin the EGS .Just put it in car, then use CGDI BMW to program and code it. if still not work ,use “reset adaptation” function to help EGS match to car.

5. If your EGS loss some information ,you can go to F series program page 》advanced programming ,then follow your EGS information (step 2)to choose file to write into your EGS .

CGDI BMW Details: