How to disable backup beep by viecar v2.0 elm327

I went to the dealer shop to disable the annoying backup beep that sounds continuously of my Prius V 2012, but the technician charged me $63. I am fed up with the annoying voice and also the super charge of this 2 minutes job.


Somebody may think a backup beep is a great feature. But I did not. Only problem is this beep is very loud and is only inside the car. It cannot be heard by those behind you as you would expect.

I got some clue on toyotanation club that a small elm327 can get this job done. I hooked up my newly ordered Blue color Viecar elm327 which support both computer and Android system.

Out to the car and plugged the Viecar V2.0 ELM327 device into the OBD port. Although it can be used both on computer and Android system, I would like to get this easy job done on my phone via Bluetooth. I need to download and install TORQUE software on Android device. After activate the Bluetooth on my phone, open Bluetooth setting, search Viecar 2.0 Bluetooth, enter password 0000. When the device was well communicated with Bluetooth, run software and come to the main menu to set some basic setting.

After get the device talk to ECU, Enter the main menu and then did some job as following:

Type and send: AT SH 7c0

Returns: OK

Type and send: 21ac

Returns: 61 AC 00 (00 means continuous reverse beep)

Type and send: 3bac40

Returns: 7F 3B 78

Returns: 7B AC (the job’s done)

Type and send: 21ac

Returns: 61 AC 40 (40 means only a single beep now)

I just successful turn off the backup beep of my vehicle; I am not sure whether it does the same or exactly the same processes of other vehicles. But I sure that elm327 do this job.

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