CAN Clip VS Multidiag Pro VS DDT2000(Customer Share)

Today we’d like to share with you customer share with us : CAN Clip VS Multidiag Pro VS DDT2000

Recently I test 3 popular Renault diagnostic tools on my Megane 2, year 2004 since many Renault owners are looking for a cheap and high quality DIY diagnostic tool. The tools are V159 CAN Clip For Renault , Multidiag Pro and DDT2000.

Here is the result:

I have the Can Clip it does all I need it to on my Megane as for diagnosing it will do it as long as you have a PC that includes its software. The main reason I got Clip is it covers all the rovers so the MRS, MGF, I can sort out when the car ever goes wrong and it never let me down.

About Multidiag Pro and Clip, I think the biggest difference is their vehicle coverage. Multidiag Pro is universal (works in a very large car brands), while Clip is for Renault cars. Besides, Multidiag Pro is cheaper than Clip.

The DDT2000 actually does not pass the test. I have got a MAF sensor disconnected and the software is not able to read it. It just states that no errors are present but in fact there is something going on. Then I plugged ELM327 scanner and run its software, there it is the fault present. For now the price is the only good thing, but so is the ELM327 cable and way more easy to use.

Final conclusion: CLIP and Multidiag Pro are clearly above DDT2000 and both can do what DDT does. Clip works good with Renault cars, Multidiag Pro supports other car brands. As a DIY-er, I would choose Renault without doubt. But, this rank may change if you own a car that works fully or almost fully in KWP protocol, cars before 2004 or so.

Can Clip for Renault  Link:

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