How to add BMW CAS3+ All Key Lost by Mini ACDP

Tutorial: How to add new CAS3+ all key lost to 2013 BMW Mini by Yanhua Mini ACDP.

Step 1: Read DME data, ISN and VIN

Connect BMW DME MEV1722 type with OBP+ICP adapter and Mini ACDP

mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-1 mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-2

Select “DME ISN”-> “Read MEV1722 DME ISN (Supports E Chassis)” to read DME data

Read out DME data, ISN and VIN data successfully

mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-3 mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-4

Click “OK” to save the file

Step 2: Read CAS data

Connect ACDP key programmer, BMW CAS module and BOM01 adapter and CAS ECU

mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-5 mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-6

Note: If you don’t know how to connect, just click the Help button to check the related wiring diagram.

Go back to ICP mode

Select “MC9S12XDP512 (Mask 0L15Y/0M23S)”-> “IMMO”-> “Read the CAS data”


Detecting pin…

If all pins detected are good, just click “OK” to continue

Decoding memory…

Read out the vehicle info incl. VIN, mileage, mechanical code, remote frequency and CAS version type


Backup the file

Step 3: Generate dealer keys

Select “All-Key-Lost (ISN mode)”


Connect the ACDP and BAV-Key adapter according to the diagram and insert a blank key

mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-10 mini-acdp-bmw-2013-mini-cas3-akl-11

Read out key info


Save the corresponding CAS data

Select one unused key position to write in


Confirm whether the current key is a keyless go or not

Confirm the key has been put in the adapter

Input the ISN


Generating dealer key…

Save the CAS data which has programmed key and new key

Finally, use the new key to start the car


Yanhua MINI ACDP BMW Device:

Yanhua MINI ACDP BMW Full Package
Yanhua Mini ACDP with Module1/2/3 for BMW CAS1-CAS4+/FEM/BDC/BMW DME ISN Read & Write