How to Activate and Use KYDZ MLB Tool?

KYDZ MLB Tool is available at now. It’s able to work with Lonsdor K518 Pro/K518 series key programmers or 5C OBD Helper (in the package) to generate and program MLB type key to Audi & VW & Porsche & Bentley & Lamborghini.

There are two options for choosing.

Option 1:

KYDZ MLB Tool Key Programmer+ 3 Times Calculation Data + Bluetooth OBD Cable

Item No. SK426

Price: $449 ($500)

Option 2:

KYDZ MLB Tool+ 3 Times Calculation Data + Bluetooth OBD Cable + Solder Free Adapter

Item No. SK426-B

Price: $519


– Calculate MLB data

– Generate dealer key

– No need to get in car to collect, you can use the original MLB key.

– Generate MLB dealer key with MLB tool, then program key with 5C OBD Helper (in the package) or Lonsdor K518 series.

– With 3 tokens for online calculation. $50 per token after used up.

How to use KYDZ MLB Tool?

1.Download KYDZ MLB Tool software on PC or APP on Android/IOS smartphones

Operating system: Win10 and some Win11

The software includes 2 parts:

KYDZ MLB Tool software (generate MLB key)

5C OBD Helper software (program MLB key)

  • Free Download KYDZ MLB Tool App

Scan QR code below to download KYDZ App for iOS and Android smartphones

2.Activate KYDZ MLB Tool

Open KYDZMLB Tools.exe on the PC, and it will appear a QR code

Then open KYDZ App on the smartphone

Sign in or tap skip

Tap “More” and scroll down to find MLB Tool Assistant at the bottom

Open it to scan the QR code on PC

3.Generate and program MLB key

Before operating the software, please ensure that the main control chip of the key has been welded to the tool, the device has been powered on, and the device has been connected to the computer.

Open the software with administrator rights

A prompt box will appear, click Agree

Click “Calculate”

There will be a prompt box asking you to confirm that the chip has returned to room temperature. After the chip has returned to room temperature, click OK.

After clicking Start, there will be corresponding prompts here.

Data collection, this process takes 4 minutes. If an error occurs immediately, please check whether the chip welding is reliable.

Data collection is completed and data compression begins. This process takes 1 minutes, Start uploading data to the server, the time required for this process is related to the network speed, ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

The calculation is in progress. The whole process takes 4 minutes. Please wait patiently. If a network error occurs during this process, please wait for 4-6 minutes and click the Calculate button. If the service number does not appear, an error occurs. Please recalculate.

The prompt is complete and you can start the next step.

To remember the service ID, click Generate Dealer Key. This service number is very important. If all the keys to this car are lost in the future, you can also use this service number to generate a dealer key and learn the key.

Click to generate dealer key, then there will be a prompt box, click start

Then you will enter this interface

Here you need to put the key in the coil position of the device.

Click to identify

After identification, relevant information will come out. Here is the status information of the key. If the status is locked, it cannot be used. If it is in other status, it can be used.

Status description:

1.Uninitialized: can be generated directly

2.KYDZ Initialized: can be generated directly, and will be given once for calculation after use.

3.Initialized: Special personnel are required to handle the reset.

4.Locked: cannot be used

Here you also need to confirm whether the service number is consistent with the service number on the previous interface. If the service number is incorrect the key will be damaged

After recognizing that the key status is not locked, click to generate a dealer key

Then there will be a prompt box, click OK

After generating the dealer key, close the current interface.

Click OBD to learn

A prompt box will appear, click OK

Click here to switch between Chinese and English

Here we select the corresponding serial port and click to open the serial port

Click Read Original Car Key ID to read the original car key ID, and write the lost key ID of the original car into the key to be matched. Only the key with the key ID of FF or kydz can change the IDE.

Click Upgrade Firmware to upgrade the OBD tool firmware

Click to start learning keys and follow the prompts

Lonsdor K518PRO and MLB Tool Added Audi & VW MLB Key: 

Step 1: Generate dealer key with KYDZ MLB tool

Step 2: Program key with K518 series key programmers


Lonsdor K518 PRO Added Audi & VW MLB Key Programming