Lonsdor K518 PRO Added Audi & VW MLB Key Programming

Lonsdor K518 Pro/ K518S/K518ISE series key programmers can add MLB type key to Audi & VW & Porsche & Bentley & Lamborghini now. Xhorse KYDZ specific MLB Key Reading/Writing Tool (will come soon) is required to work together.

KYDZ MLB Tool Feature:

Calculate data and generate dealer keys for VW Audi Porsche Lamborghini Bentley MLB platform models.

No need to get in the car to collect, you can use the original MLB key.

MLB Models Support List:


Audi A4L (2017- )

Audi A5 (2017- )

Audi A6L (2019- )

Audi A6L New Energy (2019- )

Audi Q5L (2018- )

Audi Q7 (2016- )

Audi Q8 (2017- )

Audi RS4 (2019- )

Audi RS5 (2019- )

Audi RS6 (2019- )

Audi RS7 (2021- )

Audi RS Q8 (2021- )

Audi A4 (2016- )

Audi A5 (2017- )

Audi S4 (2016- )

Audi S5 (2017- )

Audi A6 (2020- )

Audi S6 (2020- )

Audi A7 (2019- )

Audi S7 (2020- )

Audi A8 (2018- )

Audi A8 New Energy (2021- )

Audi S8 (2021- )

Audi Q7 New Energy (2017- )


Volkswagen Touareg (2019- )


Taycan (2019- )

Panamera (2017- )

Panamera New Energy (2017- )

Cayenne (2018- )

Cayenne New Energy (2019- )

Porsche 911 (2019- )


Flying Spur (2020- )

Flying Spur PHEV (2022- )

Bentayga (2016- )

Bentayga PHEV (2019- )

Continental (2016- )


Urus (2018- )

How to add MLB key with Lonsdor K518 key programmer?

Step 1: Generate dealer key with KYDZ MLB tool

Step 2: Program key with K518 series key programmers

In detail…

Step 1: Generate dealer key with KYDZ MLB tool

1. Run MLB OBD App to read the original key IDE

2. Place the original key or KYDZ key at the antenna location

  • The original uninitialized key can be used directly;
  • Those that have been initialized key by the original factory but are not locked can be used after processing;
  • The original factory uninitialized key with ID FF can be written to the original lost key IDE;
  • The locked key can replace the main control CPU.

Read data and then generate dealer key

3. Open the original key shell and remove the main control chip QFN64 package

Place the main control chip into the adapter or weld it on the adapter board

Click Calculate Data and the device will connect to the server to calculate key data

Remember the service number for matching keys to third-party devices.

After generating the dealer key, you can program the key with K518 Pro/K518S/K518ISE.

Step 2: Program key with K518 key programmer

Menu Path:

i.e. Audi

Tap Immo & Remote>> AUDI>> MLB>> Add key>> Program key

Follow the on-screen prompts to do step by step.