How read Peugeot Boxer ECU Visteon DCU-102 with KTAG Master?

Here this blog will show you how use KTAG Master to read Peugeot Boxer ECU Visteon DCU-102 (FOCOMO) in boot mode step by step!


ECU Type:

Visteon DCU-102 sometimes called FOMOCO.

Same unit and procedure applies to PSA, Ford and Fiat vans. In this case car is a Peugeot Boxer. No resistors required.


Tool you need:

KTAG ECU Programming Tool


K-TAG read ECU Visteon DCU-102 procedure:

Step1. Take out the ECU unit and heat the unit edges to open it safely.


Step2. Connect ECU with KTAG according to following pin out diagram:

ktag-master-read-peugeot-visteon-ecu-3 ktag-master-read-peugeot-visteon-ecu-4 ktag-master-read-peugeot-visteon-ecu-5 ktag-master-read-peugeot-visteon-ecu-6

Step3. Connect KTAG with computer then open ksuite software. Click the car icon and choose “Peugeot” and “Boxer III”. Then choose ECU: Visteon DCU102 KW 74 HP 11.


Step4. Click “Read” to start.


Wait the process complete to 100% and KTAG ECU Programmer read ECU Visteon DCU102 successfully! Now you can save the bin file.