How OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Program Key for Ford Transit 2009

OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master has the same immobiliser car key programming function with SKP-900, as well as new function such as odometer adjustment, EEPROM/PIC and OBDII. It supports car brands worldwide. This blog will show you hoe X300Pro3 program Ford Transit 2009 key, hope it helps.


Vehicle model: Ford Transit 2009

Equipment: OBDSTAR X300Pro3


First of all, connect X300Pro3 to the car and start

Choose [VEHICLES] -> [IMMOBILISER] -> [FORD/LINCOLN] -> [FORD/LINCOLN V31.09], then it will load and initialize, wait for a while…

obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-01 obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-02 obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-03 obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-04

Then choose [FORD] -> [China Ford]



Select [Immobiliser] -> [Ecosport] -> [Transit]

obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-06 obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-07 obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-08

After communicating, choose [Program keys]


Insert the key and turn on the ignition switch and press [ENTER] button to continue

obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-10 obdstar-x300-pro3-program-ford-transit-key-11

Press [ENTER] button to continue


Communication…wait for a few minutes


Program success!



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