How BDM100 Read and Write Bosch EDC16 ECU? (Steps)

BDM100 ECU chip tuning tool is universal ECU programmer that allows us to read and write ECU. This blog is going to show you how to use BDM100 to read and write Bosch EDC16 ECU step by step. Hope it helps.




Why read and write ECU EDC16 in BDM?

BDM method can read full flash memory and create a backup for EEPROM.

Why not program EDC16 ECU using MPPS?

The EEPROM contains immobilizer, ECU configuration and injector codes. Personally speaking, it is common to lost the ECU configuration and injector codes when using MPPS.


  1. Let’s get straight to the point. How to program ECU EDC16 using BDM100?

Step1. Open ECU because BDM 100 requires the ECU to be open, “on the bench”. Please be careful and not to damage the circuit board. First you can warm the ECU to soften the glue then open it as below picture show. (It’s safe to start in the right corner because there is a gap and no board beneath it.)



Step2. Read ECU EDC16 through the BDM ports. When Bosch EDC16 is opened, you can see a typical 14-pads arrangement near the back border of the printed connection board of the ECU. BDM ports like following picture:



Step3. Now you need BDM100 V1255 ECU Programmer+ BDM100 EDC16 OBD Bosch Probe+ BDM frame. First using BDM frame make the pins and BDM ports in right position.


And connect ECU with BDM100 ECU flasher then connect BDM100 to laptop by USB cable.


Step4. Switch on BDM adapter to power the ECU. Open Dimsport software, turn Dimport power on, select “Advanced” and name your ECU flash file in advance. Then click on “Read ECU”.


Then save your ECU flash file. About how to remap ECU flash file, the ECM TITANIUM V1.61 is easy to operate, recommended.


Step5. Turn Dimport power on again then click on “Write ECU”. Wait it finish.