How many ways to repair a BMW FRM2/FRM3 module

The BMW FRM2/FRM3 module can be fixed in many ways,here UOBDII show these ways to repair BMW FRM2/FRM3.Hope it helps!


4.VVDI Prog
6.Mini ACDP
7.Microtronik HexTag
8.Im508 + xp400 pro


All programmers listed has been tested successfully for FRM fix.

Google will helps you a lot (wiring, tutorial, etc.)


Here, we’ll talk about: which is the best for FRM repair?


Yanhua mini ACDP programmer wins!

That is because, compared with other programmers, mini ACDP is cable to program FRM without writing data from other cars and coding and without soldering. It’s very simple and efficient.


Look here: How does ACDP program FRM?


You need a ACDP programmer and FRM adapter for repair.


Connect the Mini ACDP device and BDM adapter with the FRM unit.

Backup data before operation.

frm-repair-best-easiest-way-1 frm-repair-best-easiest-way-2


Run Mini ACDP app on a mobile

Select BMW->FRM Programming->ICP MC9S12XEQ384 MASK: 3M25J

frm-repair-best-easiest-way-3 frm-repair-best-easiest-way-4


Select FRM Data Recovery (Automatic mode)


Detect pins and probe connection


Reading chip data


Read and display chip data

Check the data. If reads D-Flash as 32K, the FRM module data is corrupted.
If reads EEPROM data as 4K , FRM module data is not corrupted.


Uploading data

Auto saved D-flash to Yanhua Mini ACDP file folder

Show programming data


Verifying data


FRM data recovery completed.


Good to know:

If done other programmers, you’d better equipped with wiring/connection knowledge.


Optional ways to connect:

1.In socket – desolder chip
2.In circuit – BDM points – reverse of PCB – see image attached.
3.Direct – test clips onto pins like Pamona Micro Grabbers or cheaper alternative.


VVDI programmer FRM2 wiring:

VVDI diagram connection for FRM2 with MC9S12XDT256 – 0L15Y

vvdiprog-frm2-wirng-1 vvdiprog-frm2-wirng-2


HexTag BMW FRM Repair