How I use INPA software to Code BMW E90 Injector

I have a 2008 E90 N54 vehicle. I have spent quite some time researching, trial and error with installing INPA and trying to code my injectors. I successfully did the job several days ago, here I would like to share with you how I did, hope it help someone.


Tool I used: BMW INPA interface (I bought from, $17.99)


The detailed procedures I followed below:

Firstly, I connected the INPA cable with my E90 N54 via OBD port

Then I installed INPA software on my Windows XP laptop and run INPA software. And pressed F9 on the keyboard to select vehicle model E90


Next select Engine option -> MSD80 conceming option


Then press F9 system diagnostic


Next press [shift+F4] EOL injector option


The interface of MSD80 injector coding program, Check the injector parameters


Then I copied and pasted the injector code and pressed OK to continue

Notice that the injector code are stamped onto the injector in white, there will be 2 rows of 3 numbers, for example, mine: 582 227

bmw-inpa-software-6 bmw-inpa-software-7

Finally I checked the injector value and press [clear] to reset it.