How does FVDI 2018 program Opel Astra G 2001 key successfully?

Opel Astra G 2001 key was successfully programmed by SVDI 2018, here we go for details.

Car model and year: Opel Astra G 2001

Symptom:  lost transponder, need to get it programmed, need to read and get security code for key programming to be success.


Opel key programmer to use:

SVDI 2018 programmer


Suggestion 1:

Try to read Code from Engine Control Module
Otherwise you will need dump from immo ring for correct code.

The big ic is contain mmo/keys data
UPA read with no problems Just need to unsolder Mcu and put in adapter TMS370


Suggestion 2:

1) By changing the Vin Number your Pin Code will not change the pin code will remain the same UN-less you reset the ECU and enter any other pin code that’s when the pin code will change……

2) Your best bit is to use Carprog Tool to read pin code from engine ECU and use your FDVI to program the keys..

3) Once you have confirmed your pin code is right than go in to Immobilizer System delete all keys and program your new Transponder.

4) If you are 100% sure your pin code is right than check in live data and see what is the security time out showing it might have locked it due to entering wrong pin codes in that case live the ignition ON for the time showing and (without switching ignition OFF) go back and enter your pin code to program the key.


Suggestion 3:

all security codes and vin must be same in all units

Check security wait time is inactive in immobilizer.and yes it you reset it will accept any new pin but needs to match all other units.if you still can’t program key it means immo and ecu need resync to do this reset ecu and immo the go on program immo there should be a option to program click on new ecm and immo installed from the drop-down box.

Then key should program correctly if you have opcom use 1.59 firmware.


Finally, solved! Here is the test result:

I am happily breaking it to you guys that Opel Astra G has been successfully programmed.

I had this case as my manual all along the way. I used each and every view without hesitation because I trust you guys with your knowledge about cars.

1. I changed transponder chip. Precoded one
2. I went to immobilizer functions, entered security code and all the buttons that were not active became active.
3. I then reset ECU and Immobilizer from this immo section using the login code gotten from the car’s Immo ring MCU dump
4. went to Key Learning, entered the code and deleted all keys
5. clicked program key and remote…and it was done in less than 15 seconds
6. The car started just fine.