How does Fcar F502 Heavy Duty truck code reader diagnose Cummins?

Let’s use Fcar F502 Heavy Duty truck code reader to diagnose  Cummins engine and share here one-by-one procedure.


Select menu, you can see it has options incl.

Vehicle information

Fast scan

Complete Scan (about 60s)

Tool information


Update mode


Here we come to “Vehicle information” incl.

VIN (1-9)

VIN (10-17)

Total vehicle distance (OMI)

Engine make            (CMMNS)

Engine model          6BTAA5.9 LIT

Total vehicle hours

Total engine hours       Oh

Rated engine power

Average Fuel economy   OMPG

f502-heavy-vehicle-code-reader-03 f502-heavy-vehicle-code-reader-04

Back to choose “Fast Scan” and choose “Engine module”


Read current code

f502-heavy-vehicle-code-reader-06 f502-heavy-vehicle-code-reader-07

Read live data


Choose “Setting” to reset language between the English and Spanish, also check the serial number, etc.


This is only a simple display on what Fcar F502 can do for Cummins engine truck.


FYI, Fcar F502 scanner tested is from, cost 135 dollars in total.