How do people think of Lonsdor K518 update policy? (free, payable)

There are free and payable functions in Lonsdor K518ise and K518s key programming tool.

Free menu

Payable menu (clock attached)


Look here to see how people think of the Lonsdor update policy:


Gavrila Daniel Well..if you want full support you would buy license every i really don’t see issues here. Who wants free tool that can do everything should make one in my opinion


Piotrek Piotr You don’t understand. They are changing their policy constantly. At first only Fiat, Opel, Renault was mentioned need to pay. Later on they released updated version and they added Audi, some VW, some Volvo, PSA pin codes and others. Ford was till under free functions. Today we can see Ford now also need to pay so Lonsdor please make up your mind!

And if you expect full support and 100% working functions (even though you paid for them) then well… You will be surprised because those payable functions not working 100%


Gavrila Daniel i know it doesn’t work 100%, nothing works 100%.
Policies change every day, but i understand what you say.
I am going to play devils advocate and just say maybe they are moving brands because they are updating them. Maybe i am wrong.
But at the end of the day it is a subscription based device so it still shouldn’t affect users who understand that they bought a subscription based device.
Some people around the internet bought this tool expecting to be given everything for cheap.
Again i understand the policy part that you mentioned.


Piotrek Piotr First of all, at first it wasnt subscription based device. I have nothing against pay subscription but their policy is just stupid, they are making us look like a fools. Make all functions under subscription and all will be ok. Now they are pushing those who still hesitate to pay by constantly adding more pay functions. Best option would be 300usd/year for everyone. Now it’s too late because some people already bought sub for 600usd


Gavrila Daniel that was just tool will ever have free updates for life, but yeah, they did lie about that, but also people believed it. You really need to be naive to believe that a 700-1000$ tool will have free updates for life


Piotrek Piotr I’m not naive that’s why Im completely not against those pay subscription, please read with understanding. I just don’t like how they change things constantly.

When this tool came out, they even advertised 1200usd is promo price for 1 year and later on it will cost 4000usd so it kinda calculate the same, I mean I was expecting payable subscription for existing users.


Gavrila Daniel did not say you were naive, it was just a generalization for the ones who are


Iain Hume The reason they change their minds is the rest of the competition have varied success rates and constantly upgrade their software. The industry changes every day, so sticking to rules that were made a year ago is almost impossible.


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