How cheap INPA K+DCAN Cable reset BMW E46 airbag light?

This is a useful guide for you to reset BMW airbag light quickly using INPA K+DCAN Cable. It will cost you only $14! Follow below steps and you will easily turn off the airbag light for your Bimmers.


All things you need:

BMW INPA K+DCAN USB Interface $14 free shipping

BMW 20 Pin to OBD2 16 Pin Connector $5 free shipping

(If your car is after 2000 and with an OBD2 16 pin port, you can even save this $5!)

INPA software (Come with INPA cable)


Step1. Connect this BMW INPA K+DCAN USB Interface with your laptop USB port and the DLC Diagnostic Link Connector port.

(Since my E46 is before 2000 without the OBD2 port and the DLC port is a round 20 pin connector while INPA cable has only 16 pin connector, so I need a 20 pin to 16 pin connector.)


The DLC port location on BMW E46:



Step2. Install and run INPA software on WIN XP. Turn on the ignition and click the “F2” button. And choose “Body” section then “Airbag”.


Step3. Go to the Error Memory: click the “F4” button.


Go to clear error memory: click the “F2” button.


Error was cleared successfully!


Now you use INPA K+CAN BMW cable to reset BMW E46 airbag light successfully!