How Autophix OM123 reset BMW EML light? (P0341 Fault Code)

AUTOPHIX OBDMATE OM123 is a portable OBD2 & EOBD auto code reader for checking engine fault. Easy-to-use, you can use it to check engine light at home. This is how Autophix OM123 reset BMW EML light (P0341 Fault Code) for your reference.




First, open OBDMATE OM123 then choose “Diagnostics” at main menu.


It is “Linking to the vehicle”, you just wait a second.



Second, after linked to the vehicle it will show you “System Status”.


You can see MIL status is on and there is one DTC code P0341 found.


Third, press “EXIT” button to “Trouble Codes” menu, then press “EXIT” button back to “Diagnostic Menu”, choose “Erase Codes” and “Yes”. Now Autophix OM123 erase P0341 fault code and reset BMW EML light successfully.

Autophix-om123-BMW-engine-fault-6 Autophix-om123-BMW-engine-fault-7