Golf 4 2001 Gasoline All Key Lost Programmers Review

Question: is it possible to read immo box golf 4 year 2001 gasoline with xhorse key tool max? The key is lost.

Review 1.

There is no immo box on this car.

That’s a mega48 chip and you have key tool max, just cloning the chip works, but it is all keys lost.

Review 2.

If you use the right tool, it’s not too bad. OEM is the best. Autel MaxiIM IM608 is good with VW, VVDI key tool plus is pretty good with VW, but the older stuff with key tool plus is iffy a lot of times. Autel is the best option.

Review 3.

I nearly always do mk4 by OBD & have done for 9 years. Use a decent tool like AVDI, VAG-tacho, supervag etc to read the SKC then program with VCDS.


Review 4.

Just use SBB pro2 for golf 4 year 2001 gasoline, it is very fast on golf 4.


Review 5.

Pull the pin with any device, even cheap clone vag tacho will work and program with vcds

Review 6.

Use T300 key programmer to do golf 4 year 2001 gasoline, this very easy.


Alright, hope it helps!