GM TPMS Relearn Tool: VXSCAN EL-50588 VS EL-50448

There are top 3 2017 GM TPMS Relearn Tools including VXSCAN EL-50588, El-50448 OEC – T5 GM TPMS Relearn Tool (Orange) and VXSCAN EL-50448 (Blue). How to choose a better one? What’s their similarities and differences?Reading this post for answer.


Top 1: Newest 2017 VXSCAN EL-50588 GM TPMS Relearn Tool


2017 VXSCAN EL-50588 highlight:

EL-50588 GM CHEVROLET TPMS Relearn Tool works on vehicles 2010 year – 2016 year , and a part of vehicles 2017 year (VXSCAN EL-50448 can’t support up to 2017 year)


2017 VXSCAN EL-50588 what not works:

Trucks (a little part of users try it ok, most not work)


2017 VXSCAN EL-50588 price:

$29.99 free shipping to worldwide (

Shipping: Their US / Au warehouse has VXSCAN EL-50588 in the stock.


Only 3 steps to use 2017 VXSCAN EL-50588:

Before the tire pressure monitoring system works properly, the body control module will record ID information of each position in the tire pressure sensor; and follow the below method to read the tire pressure sensor after replacing a tire or wheel speed sensor.


Step 1 – Enter leaning mode

Set the gearshift lever to “P”

Turn the ignition switch to “ON”

Enter the interface of tire pressure display by DIC

DIC shows “Press Set / Ctrl to re-learn”

Press “Set / Ctrl”

The turn signal lights for 3 seconds and the horn beeps twice to enter the learning mode


Step 2 – Read the tire pressure sensor information of front-left wheel

TPMS Relearn Tool EL-50588 antenna up against the valve core position & close to the rim of the tire sidewall.

Start the switch of El-50588 tire pressure tool, when the horn beeps once, it successful to read the tire pressure sensor information


Step 3 – read the other tire pressure information in the same method

Follow the instruction above to read the tire pressure of the front-right, rear-right, rear-left wheels.

The turn signals lights for 3 seconds and the horn bleeps twice when the learning complete.


Top 2: El-50448 OEC – T5 GM TPMS Relearn Tool (Orange)

Many people are familiar with El-50448 OEC – T5 (Orange), and verified it is working fine even on GM 2017 year.

El-50448 works on all General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC), equipped with a 315 or 433 MHz Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPM) system.


Here El-50448 OEC – T5 Review O.K experience:

1).Simple and inexpensive but works great. Much better than going to the dealer or a tire store just to get your pressure sensors reset. I used it on my

truck and my wife’s car and it only took a few minutes to reset all four wheels on each.

PS: it works on not too much trucks, so please attention to.


2). With correct low battery display: I’ve never been able to get my TP sensors to program using the “let air out” method on my 2007 Tahoe. Before I had this tool, I would just remember which tires were which when I rotated them, but no longer. Now, I can reprogram them in just a few seconds and the dash display correctly indicates which tire is low. This tool should have come with the vehicle.


3). Easy to use: The operation of this product is simple and straightforward. As stated it’s hard to get excited about spending this amount of money just to rotate tires, but considering what dealers would charge, it would not take many trips service visits to pay for the unit. As far as working it does exactly what it says it will do with no drama. Put the vehicle in reset mode and push the button on the unit following directions outlined in the car owners manual.


4). I could not believe I needed a special tool to rotate my tires. From what I understand 2010 (2011?) and older vehicles, you can use any big magnet to reset your Tire Pressure Sensors. 2011 (2012?) and up to at least my 2013 Silverado, you need one of these gizmos. This one works like a champ, and is the one I found referenced through a GM website.


5). Wide GM vehicle coverage: The deflate method is verified ok only on Chevrolet Volt 2011 year, with the El-50448 TPMS relearn tool, I could get the 4 TPMS programmed in less than one minute. El-50448 could program TPMS on GM 2010-2013 year.


El-50448 OEC – T5 vehicle list:

Too many GM models El-50448 covers to attach here, click this for details:


El-50448 OEC – T5 price:

$29.99 free shipping to all countries. ship from US.


Top 3: VXSCAN EL-50448 GM TPMS Relearn Tool (Blue)

This one EL-50448 is made by VXSCAN Company, it performs as the same function on all General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC) as El-50448 OEC – T5 (Orange).

It can also cover GM models up to 2017 year.


Blue VXSCAN EL-50448 Vs orange El-50448 OEC – T5:

They are made by different manufactures.


VXSCAN EL-50448 price:

$29.99 free shipping to worldwide, ship from US / AU.