FORScan scanner solve P1622 error code on Ford Focus 2008 EDC16

Actually I was a beginner of FORScan scanner, recently I got problem when using Forscan, I asked help on the forum and some kind friends offer me these answers.


My Question: My Focus on a P1622 Immobiliser ID wrong and engine start but in safe mode. What are the often cases that exists on my ford car?

Forum member Answer: Instrument cluster (IPC) is primary PATS module for PATS on Focus Mk2, PCM is secondary. If IPC is replaced, keys should be programmed and IPC should be matched (paired, synchronized with PCM). If PCM is replaced, IPC new keys should not be programmed, just synchronized with the new PCM. So typical scenario is that user replaces IPC or PCM and has to program PATS after it. However, as usually, P1622 should not appear after IPC replacement. This sounds like a more serious problem with immobilizer. So it would be good to know what was replaced in PATS and why.


My Question: Can Forscan do the job?

Forum member Answer: FORScan should be able to program keys to IPC and pair IPC with PCM in case of normal ignition key PATS.


My Question: I have had an ELM327 adapter. Is it ok for working with Forscan?

Forum member Answer:

*Any good ELM327 should be ok.

* I bought a modified elm327 to work with forscan and it works well.


My Question: Is the P1622 code can be cleared with Forscan with pin code?

Forum member Answer:

Most likely the code cannot be erased unless the problem is resolved and source of it is removed.


Finally I want to confirm that if you have some troubles with Immo or CAN on focus TDCI 2008, you should VERIFY the cable behind the dash!!

It was defective and made troubles on CAN when in certain position…

Fix it with glue and start…. Good soft forscan works very well in HS/MS with elm modified.