Fixed! V2020.03 Xentry “The data are faulty” & update automatically engineer offer the working solution to V2020.03 Xentry (no matter HDD version or SSD version) issue: The data are faulty and the software will upgrade automatically and then Xentry doesn’t work.


The data are faulty.



The user didn’t do nothing but the software upgrade automatically, and Xentry doesn’t work.



MB SD C4 2020.3 Software “The data are faulty Error” Solution Video Guide Here: engineer solution:

1.How to fix Xentry will upgrade automatically:

Go to program files -> Mercedes-Benz->AddOn Center, rename “AddOnCenter.exe” as “AddOnCenter.ex_”, restart the computer, then the Xentry will not upgrade automatically.

V2020.03-Xentry-Auto-update-solution-03 V2020.03-Xentry-Auto-update-solution-04


2.How to fix” “The data are faulty”:

Please download the software here:

password: eswr9a